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Robert Holdstock

Robert Holdstock: An Anniversary Remembrance

Yesterday was publication day for another four SF Gateway omnibuses – more classic novels returned to print by such giants of the field as Clifford D. Simak (eBook | trade paperback), John Sladek (eBook | trade paperback) and Poul Anderson (eBook | trade paperback). All much-missed authors and all deserving of your time and attention, […]

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SF Gateway Omnibus Schedule 2013

Following a deluge of requests** we have decided to publish the schedule of SF Gateway omnibuses up to the end of the year. So, without further ado . . . Available Now Frank Herbert – The Dragon in the Sea; The Santaroga Barrier; The Dosadi Experiment Gordon R. Dickson – Tactics of Mistake; Time Storm; […]

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Something in the Water Redux

Today is the birthday or two writers very close to Gateway’s heart: the one who is, sadly, no longer with us is with us, and the one who isn’t with us, we’re pleased to say, is still very much with us. Or, to be slightly less cryptic . . . Happy Birthday to Ken MacLeod: […]

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Awards Announcements

Gollancz are delighted to share the news of a few award nominations and wins that have come in recently. First of all, Jack Glass by the incomparable Adam Roberts was announced as the winner of the John W. Campbell memorial award, one of the four major US awards for SF. This follows up the BSFA […]

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This Week Through the Gateway

Welcome to your weekly round-up of what’s been happening over at the SF Gateway, our sister site devoted to classic science fiction. This week’s spotlights are . . . Author of the Week: the architect of Darkover, and author of the bestselling The Mists of Avalon, Marion Zimmer Bradley New Book of the Week: out […]

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Remembering Robert Holdstock

It’s three years ago, today, that Robert Holdstock passed away. Some four months after the publication of what would be his final novel – fittingly, a Ryhope Wood tale – the fantasy genre lost one of its modern masters, and those of us who were lucky enough to know the man as well as the […]

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ELITE returns!

I know, most people are still excited about the Obama thing. Which is, no doubt, massively cool. But the thing that excited me most on Tuesday was not the impending election but was, instead, the launch on kickstarter of ELITE: DANGEROUS. Now, being a man in my mid-thirties who grew up in the UK, I […]

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Joe Abercrombie on Fritz Leiber

So, you may have noticed a certain amount of Joe Abercrombie-ish activity over at our sister imprint, Gollancz. Quite understandable given that Joe’s destined-to-be-bestselling new novel, Red Country is published tomorrow.  But while our colleagues are proclaiming (quite rightly) the muscular virtues of his new book, we thought we’d take a moment to remind people […]

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