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Thirteen Ways to Smell a Tree

ebook / ISBN-13: 9781783254293

Price: £10

ON SALE: 23rd September 2021

Genre: Lifestyle, Sport & Leisure

‘I kneel at the pile of fresh wood chips and scoop a double handful to my nose. A wet-green aroma: chopped lettuce and asparagus, backed by a whisper of tannin.’

Too often overlooked by humans, the trees that surround us every day support a huge interconnecting ecosystem and help nature thrive. In this evocative collection of essays, David George Haskell meditates on the theme of trees and their individual aromas. Combining poetry, prose and science, Eleven Ways to Smell a Tree will completely change how you view these giants of the natural world and encourage a fulfilling sensory connection with them through scent and aroma. This is the perfect gift for readers of The Pebbles on the Beach and The Hidden Life of Trees .

Contents includes:
I. American Basswood
II. Green Ash
III. Gin and Tonic
IV. Ginkgo
V. Ponderosa Pine
VI. Pine Tree Hanging from the Rearview Mirror
VII. Nothofagus Beech
VIII. White Oak
IX. Bay Laurel
X. Woodsmoke
XI. Olive Oil