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Theodore Sturgeon

On This Day: Theodore Sturgeon

Theodore Sturgeon was born Edward Hamilton Waldo on this day in 1918. Sturgeon was not, in fact, a pseudonym; his name was legally changed after his parents’ divorce. Sturgeon was an American science fiction and horror writer and critic and the Internet Speculative Fiction Database credits him with about 400 reviews and more than 200 […]

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Galactic Journey: Venus Plus X

We begin the year with a retrospective look at the future, through the eyes of someone of today pretending to be from yesterday. Wait. What? Last summer, we noted our admiration and appreciation for an intrepid time traveller, reviewing the SF magazines of the past through the slow glass of 55 years, and chronicling his […]

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On This Day: Theodore Sturgeon

On this day in 1918, Edward Hamilton Waldo – better known to the world as Theodore Sturgeon – was born  in New York City. Sturgeon was not a pseudonym; his name was legally changed after his parents’ divorce. After selling his first SF story to Astounding in 1939, Sturgeon travelled for some years, only returning in […]

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SF Gateway Omnibus of the Week: Theodore Sturgeon

 From the SF Gateway, the most comprehensive digital library of classic SFF titles ever assembled, comes an ideal sample introduction to the fantastic imagination of Theodore Sturgeon, one of the great names in science fiction. trade paperback | eBook Highly acclaimed for his short fiction, Sturgeon is nevertheless best known for his 1953 novel, More […]

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SF Masterwork of the Week: More Than Human

Theodore Sturgeon made his first professional sales in 1937, but began his writing career in earnest in 1946, after travelling for some years. He produced an extraordinary body of short fiction – which is collected in thirteen volumes and available as SF Gateway eBooks –  and the genre’s premier award for short fiction is named […]

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New Book of the Week: the Ulitmate Egoist

The Ultimate Egoist is the first volume of The Complete Stories of Theodore Sturgeon, and contains the late author’s earliest work, written between 1937 and 1940. An acknowledged master of the short form – SF’s premier award for short fiction is named in his honour – Sturgeon’s influence was strongly felt by even the most […]

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Readers Choice Winner for October

It’s probably redundant to point this out on a website devoted to classic science fiction, but the Readers’ Choice submissions for October were all very . . . classic. We had Fritz Leiber‘s Hugo Award-winning The Big Time, the third volume of The Complete Stories of Theodore Sturgeon: Killdozer!, arguably Poul Anderson‘s finest single novel, […]

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In Memory of Paul Williams

Paul Williams died yesterday, aged 64.  I don’t expect this means anything to most people who visit this blog, but you should honour his memory for various reasons. In the wider realm of popular culture, you should honour him as the founding father of rock journalism.  The magazine he founded as a 17-year-old college student […]

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