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Whatever your level of photographic experience, this incredibly in-depth guide is guaranteed to raise your game. Take the guesswork out of your photography and understand not just what to do with your camera, but how and why this affects the photos you take.

You’ll learn how to compose a shot for visual impact, focus it to attract the viewer’s eye, expose it so every detail is captured and so much more. Photography never stands still so it doesn’t matter what camera you have, whether you own an SLR, film camera or a compact digital camera, Gatcum will teach you how to take the best photos possible. As well as Gatcum’s own expertise on the subject, Complete Photography is packed with tips and masterclasses from other inspirational professionals.


If you're learning or gifting a camera, you should pair it with this book! For $20 on Amazon, this incredibly thorough and thick book reminds me of my photography class in high school. I almost went nuts as I opened the book and saw yet another photographer I had met - Dixie Dixon giving some commentary on fashion photography! We met at a WPPI in line waiting to see Elizabeth Messina and traded business cards and talked for a little bit. I knew she was already talented and then she became a Nikon ambassador and taught at WPPI! I was like wow this girl just did it! The book gives every photography jargon and what "shooting at the hip" means and white balance as well as photo editing. There is always something to learn and I believe when it comes to photography, we're never done learning. The must-have book for EVERY photographer.
Diana Elizabeth, Diana Elizabeth