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If You're Bored With Your Camera Read This Book

If You're Bored With Your Camera Read This Book

You know photography, don’t you? Nice group pictures, tasteful landscapes, perhaps a filter from an app on your phone. Conventional, easy to manage, inoffensive, boring…right?

WRONG! In this book you’ll find inspiring ideas and genuinely different techniques that you can use to capture anything, from artistic portraits, through to stunning street photography and unusual aboreals. This book will open your eyes, and your lens cap, to new ideas.

Topics include:
Put Down Your Camera
Forget the Rules
Creative Shooting Exercises
Go Back to Basics
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On Sale: 6th July 2017

Price: £12.99

ISBN-13: 9781781574317


If you're a seasoned photographer you might have already experienced the burn out, the boredom, the same old same old as every creative. Well, this book is one I wish I had years ago when I almost thought I'd quit! There are suggestions on what to do to fuel your passion for photography again - from actually putting down your camera, to printing your images, to traveling (yessss!). There are creative shooting exercises which are genius and even a recommendation to pick up your camera and simply walk around the block. Break the rules, shoot in different styles - the author gives examples.
Diana Elizabeth

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