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Desk Wars

Desk Wars

‘Cubicle farms are full of enemy combatants begging to be taken out.’ WIRED

Achieve clandestine ends practically and inexpensively with Desk Wars – perfect for do-it-yourself spy enthusiasts. Follow fully illustrated step-by-step instructions to build 30 miniature secret weapons and surveillance tools from stationery, transforming common household items into uncommon gadgets and sidearms.

Assert dominion over the desktop with these cunning contraptions:

>>> Paper-Dart Watch
>>> Pen Blowgun
>>> Mint-Tin Catapult
>>> Rubber-Band Derringer
>>> Toothpaste Periscope
>>> Bionic Ear
>>> Cotton Bud .38 Special
>>> Paper Throwing Star
>>> 44 marker magnum
>>> And more!
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Genre: Computing & Information Technology / Computer Security / Spyware

On Sale: 2nd August 2018

Price: £9.99

ISBN-13: 9781781576441

Mini Weapons of Mass Destruction