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Dog Walks Man

ebook / ISBN-13: 9780600623298

Price: £7.99

ON SALE: 7th February 2011

Genre: Biography & True Stories / Memoirs

This is a touching, witty and thought-provoking exploration of the metaphysical aspects of the simple dog walk. Walking Pete (a standard poodle named after a Ghostbuster) opens the author up to different way of looking at the world. As he discovers more about his neighbourhood – its wild fringes, its natural wonders and the characters within it – so he becomes more aware of man’s connections to his environment.Each chapter is a meditation on the wisdom derived from dogs and dog walking. Woven into the absorbing narrative are the timeless issues of avoiding saying ‘w-a-l-k’ in canine company; dog walkers’ envy of those who find mafia murder victims and the joy of finding wild, no-rules, dog-walking land on your doorstep.John Zeaman’s story of how he achieves a Thoreau-like natural harmony through the simple art of walking his dog will lift your spirits and nourish your soul.


John Zeaman looks at an activity that can fill hundreds of hours over the period of year, but has never had its own bard - namely walking a dog. More than a consideration of the human animal bond, this book is an amusing and thoughtful look at our ever changing environment and the flow of our lives. Well worth reading.
Stanley Coren, Ph.D., author of "The Modern Dog"