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Halloween treat: Lima’s Cuento del Diablo cocktail

Serves 1

25ml pisco Quebranta infused with chillies (see Virgilio’s Tip)
35ml Triple Sec
20ml ready-made strawberry purée
20ml freshly squeezed lime juice
10ml grenadine syrup
3–4 ice cubes, for chilling the glass
2 small red chillies, to garnish

1. Add all the ingredients except the ice cubes to a shaker glass or Boston cocktail shaker, shake and then stir.

2. Add the ice cubes to a Martini glass and swirl until the glass becomes frosted, then discard the ice. Pour the mixture into a Martini glass.

3. Make a short lengthways cut in the stalk end of each chilli to one side of the stalk and place on the rim to look like devil’s horns. Serve immediately.

Virgilio’s Tip

Infuse the pisco with 5 fresh, red Ají Limo chillies, seeds and veins removed, in the same for 2–3 weeks. How long you leave it to infuse depends on how spicy you wish the pisco to be.

Recipe taken from LIMA The Cookbook by Virgilio Martinez and Luciana Bianchi, available here