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Top 5: Foods to avoid on a date


Spaghetti: Spaghetti and meatballs might work for cartoon dogs, but some dates fare better without a shower of sauce to contend with.  We recommend a more fork-friendly pasta like pappardelle (and they hold more sauce so win, win!).

Ribs: Slathered in BBQ sauce and glistening on the plate, we know that ribs are always a tempting choice. If you can guarantee eating without overt lip-smacking and sauce all over your hands, go ahead. But we rather doubt that this is feasible. Sorry.

Garlic: Save for freshening up with some mints, if you’re planning on sealing the deal with a kiss, take it easy on the garlic.

Anything that requires a finger bowl: We’re thinking chiefly of shell-on prawns but this applies to all food which requires physically digging in. We know they’re delicious and fun to eat, but to avoid flying shells and sticky hands with lingering smells we’d suggest leaving this for later down the line.

A delicious pudding unless you’re willing to share: There’s not much worse than realising your counterpart has triumphed in their dessert choice whilst yours pales in comparison. But to really top things off, it’s painful to watch them demolish the whole dish despite your desire to savour some. Be nice and share, it’s for the best.

A note:
These may be our suggestions, but if you have stumbled across a worthy partner, all the rules go out the window. Eat and be merry!