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Top 5: Korean Ingredients from Da-Hae and Gareth West

Top 5 Korean Ingredients
Ben Weller

Gochujang: This thick Korean chilli paste is beautifully glossy and adds a spicy sweetness to any dish – It’s an essential ingredient in any Korean cupboard, but I also know chefs who love to use it to add a kick to pretty much anything, including curries and even spaghetti bolognese!

Doenjang: Doenjang is miso’s punchier cousin. An earthy, salty, chunky soy bean paste, doenjang is used in many Korean soups, stews and dipping sauces

Soy sauce: Usually split into a ‘light’ or ‘regular’ version in Korean cooking, soy sauces can be used to pickle, braise and season a huge array of different dishes.

Roasted sesame oil: This has such a distinctively nutty aroma and even a tiny drop can make a huge difference to transform a dish – it’s an essential ingredient in our Kimchi Fried Rice!

Apple vinegar: Different to cider vinegar, Korean apple vinegar has a very fresh ‘appley’ scent and flavour. It’s the perfect light vinegar for quick pickles and in dipping sauces – we rarely use any other kind!

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