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It all starts with a choice – your choice, your decision, your mindset to commit to you. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: exercise is not just about physical strength, it’s about mental and emotional strength too. In order to complete any workout, including the workouts in this book, you have to have the mental and emotional stamina to show up, work through it and get it done. People always ask me, ‘Krissy, I know I’m doing this for me, but how do I keep going? How do I fit it all in? How do  I stay motivated? Where do I start?’ Well, this chapter will answer all of these questions and more!

The first thing I want you to do is remind yourself why you’re here. Why are you reading this book? What do you want to achieve? Why do you want fitness  to be a happy, healthy and strong lifelong habit? I always say fitness is internal first before it can be external: it’s about how it makes you feel, what it makes you think and why it makes you the best version of yourself.

However, I totally get it that you might want to look good on holiday, wear your favourite pair of jeans again and love what you see in the mirror. While this is all valid, just remember: internal before external. You will only keep going if it makes you feel great about yourself, feel proud of yourself. Every rep, every exercise, every movement will get better and better with consistency and that will become your reason to keep going. Then, the jeans and the holiday just become a part of this holistic and happy lifestyle.


On a piece of paper, I want you to mind map every reason, everything that makes you want to work out. This is your space to write down anything you like – it will be your reminder of why you’ve chosen to put yourself first.