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Although the weather might have us believing otherwise, summer is just around the corner and it’s time to get your skin glowing. 

Contrary to popular belief, your skincare routine doesn’t have to break the bank though, or involve lots of artificial products. It is possible to make amazing creams, lotions and ointments for your skin type, from really simple ingredients and in just a few minutes. 

Kim Walker and Vicky Chown of The Handmade Apothecary, provide lots of top tips and recipes for natural skincare products in their latest book, The Herbal Remedy Handbook, like this lovely Nourishing Skin Cream.

40ml aloe vera gel
5–10ml (1–2 tsp) base oil
5ml (1 tsp) booster
10–20 drops essential oil
Base oils: yarrow or calendula infused
grapeseed or jojoba oil
Booster: willow bark tincture or witch hazel water
Essential oils: lemon, tea tree, lavender, yarrow,
chamomile blue

Base oils: calendula, marshmallow and/or
gotu kola infused almond oil, cold-pressed
sunflower oil
Booster: rosehip, macadamia, wheatgerm, hemp
Essential oils: frankincense, myrrh, rose, neroli

Base oils: calendula or chickweed infused in the oil of your choice
Booster: chamomile floral water
Essential oils: chamomile blue, lavender, yarrow

Base oils: chamomile infused oil, chickweed
infused oil
Booster: evening primrose oil, liquorice tincture, turmeric tincture, evening primrose oil
Essential oil: lavender

Whisk the base oils into the aloe vera drop
by drop until well combined. It’s imporatant to do this stage slowly to keep a serum consistency.

Next, whisk in the booster and essential oils
thoroughly. Keep in a pump-top bottle or tin,
label and date.

TO USE Apply twice daily, or as required.
SHELF LIFE Up to 6 months in a cool, dark place.

More natural skincare remedies in The Herbal Remedy Handbook.