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When life gets busy, we have a tendency to feel guilty for taking a break. But this needn’t be the case. In fact, taking just a little bit of time out every day can significantly increase productivity, help to get creative juices flowing and lessen feelings of fatigue.

So today, we invite you to give yourself a proper tea break using Emilie Holmes’ recipe for the perfect cup of Masala Chaifrom Good & Proper Tea.


Masala Chai Spice Mix


This spiced and sweetened milky tea is the elixir on which much of

India fuels itself. If you’ve ever had the pleasure, you will recognize

the heady spicing and immediately be transported back. The street

vendors, accustomed to making this tea all day long, make it look

painfully easy, with palmfuls of tea leaves, pinches of spice and

sprinkles of sugar flamboyantly chucked into their large pans,

ensuring that no two cups taste the same. Below we have listed the

recipe for a large batch of Chai spice mix that, stored in an airtight

container, will take you through plenty of cups of Chai whenever you fancy.



10g (2 teaspoons)

cardamom pods

30g (1oz) cinnamon stick

10g (2 teaspoons) ground


5g (1 teaspoon) cloves

10g (2 teaspoons) whole black



Weigh out all the spices and combine using a pestle and mortar or

spice grinder. You do not want to break these spices to a powder, so

pound or pulse them until they are broken down but still visible as

shards and scraps. Decant the mix to an airtight container and store

in a cool, dark place until ready to use. The spice mix will last, properly

sealed, for up to 3 months.

To prepare two Chai lattes, add 2 heaped teaspoons of your

Chai spice mix and 2 teaspoons (5g) Assam black tea to 240ml

(8½fl oz) milk and 1½ teaspoons light brown sugar. Combine these

ingredients in a saucepan and place over a medium heat. Bring to

the boil, taking care the milk doesn’t boil over, then reduce the heat

to a low simmer and steep for 5 minutes, stirring occasionally.

You can, of course, drink the latte as it is. For the full effect, however,

simply pour your Chai into a cafetière and plunge enthusiastically up

and down until it has doubled in volume, giving you a perfectly frothed

latte. Divide between two cups and enjoy.



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