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Your ‘why’ is the foundation of your journey, the reason

you jump out of bed, the reason you keep pushing yourself

to do the extra set, complete the extra mile and keep

coming back. Without your ‘why’, your purpose and reason,

healthy habits, routines, discipline and consistency will fizzle

out before you’ve even completed your free trial at the gym!

Take a minute, sit back and ask yourself – why have you

picked up this book? Why are you reading it? I hope it has

something to do with your desire to be a better version of

yourself, to evaluate and change up your fitness and health

routines, to make you a priority. So many women struggle

to put themselves first because they think it’s selfish; they

feel guilty for prioritizing themselves and making time for

themselves above others, whether that be loved ones or work.

I don’t think putting yourself first is selfish: you need to

allow it to feel necessary and positive. It’s self-love, self-care,

meaning you are ever evolving with the power and confidence

to always do what works for you.

I know finding your ‘why’ is not as simple as saying or

starting with the words ‘health’ and ‘happiness’. For so many

of us, our ‘why’ is rooted in other people – children, parents,

partners, loved ones. However, your happiness cannot be

rooted in other people. Yes, you love them, they matter, they

are important and necessary parts of your life. BUT, you

cannot be the best person for them if you’re not the best

person for yourself. To be fully present, happy and healthy

for them, you have to start with you, and this is exactly where

your ‘why’ for your fitness journey needs to start.

By applying this principle to your personal goals, you can

discover what truly drives you, and that will be the foundation

on which you build a healthy lifestyle.


People don’t believe me when I say fitness changed my

life. They think I’m being over the top, exaggerating or

that somehow it comes easily to me. It isn’t easy and I’m not

exaggerating. Fitness came to me at a challenging time and

has had the greatest, most positive impact on me.

In the past, most of us have been taught to see working

out as a physical benefit. Our doctors tell us it’s good for

us, and the positives highlighted are usually all related to

physical health:

• Bone and joint health

• Heart health

• An increase in stamina

• Less risk of injury and disease

• Likely to live a longer life

You might expect me to focus solely on the physical benefits

of exercise. However, I truly believe it is as much about

the mental and emotional ones. My work ethic, schedule,

discipline, resilience and consistency all come from fitness.

I cannot emphasize that enough. I truly mean it when I

say it has changed all areas of my life. It puts me in a good

mood; it wakes me up; it gives structure to my day; it keeps

me focused; it’s my therapy, my stress relief and, above all,

fitness makes me happy.


The first thing I want you to do is grab a pen and paper then

write down why you are embracing fitness and a healthy

lifestyle from this moment onwards.

There is no right or wrong, except your ‘why’ is

totally to do with you. We all have our reasons, and they

often start with an aesthetic goal. If that’s true for you, then I

want you to try to think of the mental aspect of what you’re

reaching towards. Perhaps, for example, you want to lose

weight to fit into your wedding dress. As much as that might

be true, your real why is actually to feel confident, to smile,

to be happy in your own skin on your wedding day.

I want you to write down your ‘why’ but I want you to think

about the difference it makes to your mind and body. Think

about how you want to feel, what you want for yourself.

Get it down on paper so you always have it to look back

on. When you’re feeling low or unmotivated, your ‘why’ will

come through, trust me – I live and breathe it!

Your list of reasons why is solely for you, but I want you

to monitor the positive impact they have on those around

you. I get it: loved ones, work, friends, everything around

you is important. But, I want you to remember that, by

prioritizing your health and fitness and your reasons for

wanting to smash a workout, you will be a better person for

everyone else, too. People will feel your energy, they’ll love

your strength and they’ll admire you for it. Don’t be afraid of

putting yourself first, ever!