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Meditation on the breath is an ancient, tried and true practice for calming the mind and lays down a wonderful foundation for other meditation practices. It can be a source of healing and inner peace. Before you begin, choose a seated posture you can comfortably maintain without fidgeting.

If possible, practise at least once a day. Ideally, repeat once in the morning and once in the evening. You can also practise breath meditation spontaneously, wherever you are.

Find or create a place to meditate that is quiet and comfortable. Choose a sitting meditation posture that you find comfortable and cover yourself with a shawl or blanket for warmth, if necessary.

Spend a few minutes practising a full belly breath.

Remember to check in once in a while if you are following a guided meditation to see whether you are still fully relaxed.

Check to see if your shoulders are relaxed and not slowly creeping up around your ears, or whether there is tension in any other part of your body.

Try to remain as still as possible during the exercise.

If it helps, imagine you are a mountain: still, quiet and unmovable.

Remain vigilant as you meditate until the end.

Meditation is not about ‘spacing out’ or drifting into drowsiness. Maintain an attitude of physical relaxation and alertness to reinforce this quality in your mind until you close your practice.