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What first inspired your love for plants? 

I was inspired by spending summer holidays on the Island of St Lucia with my grandparents in their garden. I always had an attraction to plants and flowers but really became an avid collector once I bought my first flat which didn’t have a garden or outdoor space so I brought the green indoors. They have the power to instantly transform the home providing a feeling of peace and homeliness. I loved seeing them grow daily and the different foliage and forms intrigued me and gave me such a great sense of achievement seeing them thrive due to my time and care.


How do house plants impact our mental health?

Just looking at plants has been proven to reduce stress and make us feel calm its possibly due to an innate bond humans have with plants inherited from our ancestors.


How do I choose the best house plant for my needs? 

I would suggest that you start by looking at the position you want to place your new plant in your home; the amount of light, temperature and humidity. Then look for plants whose care requirements suit that environment.


What is the most common mistake people make when tending to their house plants? 

I would say its probably treating all of their plants the same in regards to care requirements, or placing a new plant anywhere in their home without checking if that location has the best environment to encourage the plant to thrive.


How can I care for a house plant if my space doesn’t get much natural sunlight?  

Choose low light houseplants that can handle a lower amount of light or supplement with grow lights.


What are your tips for a beginner looking to embark on their house plant journey?

Do some research

Check the environment of your home

Start off by choosing a plant that isn’t too tricky to care for

Pop an alarm in your diary to water and check on your plant once a week

Love your Houseplant