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You are standing on a rock, looking out to sea. The view is spectacular, and you place your right hand on your heart and breathe in deeply. Every wave that breaks beneath you is in time with the rhythm of your heart. You feel it beating gently in your chest, a steady, regular rhythm pumping the blood around your body with every beat.

The ocean moves in and out in time with your own heartbeat. The morning sun sparkles in a clear blue sky, and shimmers over the bright blue ocean. You feel happy and content as you turn your face toward the light, then you turn your throat to the light and then you turn your heart to the light. Letting the light of the sun be absorbed by your heart as the rhythm of the ocean moves in time with the beat of your heart. As you feel the sun on your face, you become aware of the tide within you. A subtle movement of energy that flows from your head, down your spine, and sends a life force running through your veins. This gentle, rhythmic tide is as essential to you as breathing. It is as though you have another way of breathing, a gentle breath of life that flows through your veins. This tide is connected to the ocean tide. As each wave breaks upon the shore, in time with your own heartbeat, the subtle breath of life flows through your veins, the same life force that rocks the ocean ebbs and flows around your body. You feel a part of it, and it is a part of you. You breathe in the wholeness and the completeness of this moment, right here, right now.

You feel this truth deep at the core of your being: All is one. All is well.

You place your right hand on your heart and listen as your heart shares a pure truth with you. Communicating a message that is just for you, right here, right now. You spend some time breathing in your truth and, as you get ready to leave, you place yourself in an azure blue bubble of light, blue like the colour of the ocean, blue like the sky on a clear day.